Hello world!



When you start with WordPress, the subject line and first post begins with ‘Hello world!’  Oddly, a good start for us as that is exactly the sentiment that we wanted to share- hello world!

The excitement still hits us each day- and I am not using the royal ‘we’ here, family and friends including my first hire, are truly excited about this project.  For me, that is exactly what it is.  After 20 years of talking about it, planning for it, reading all I could about the industry, learning what I could and enjoying other businesses, I have decided to strike out on my own and open a local.  Turns out, not so much on my own as I cannot believe how much help I have received thus far!! 

The ‘about’ page has all the information as to what The Morrissey is, so please, have a look there.  What we want is to develop that feeling of ownership in the bar.  By this I mean that when you walk in, you feel like it is your place and that you have an impact on what happens in the restaurant and pub.  This is also what I mean by local.  It isn’t really a part of our culture so to speak to have that local as it might be in Australia, the UK and similar countries- seems the urban sprawl has taken that away from us as we pretty much have to drive everywhere we want to go in North America- but we want to develop that feeling, that closeness…that the place feels like you can share a pint with your dad, your uncle and your best friend- and not have to worry that the music isn’t too loud, the clientele too this or too that, or that the selection of alcohol is limited to a young or old clientele….that when you walk in, you are known and if you are not, will be! 

This is not a social experiment, but a social experience.   As much fun as the planning is and has been, I can’t wait until we get to serve you!


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