MOHO Quiz-ine … Monday night team pub quiz

A heaping dish of Morrissey House inspired quiz-ine, each and every Monday night beginning at 7:30pm, without the mess and fuss of counting calories amd measuring ingredients!

In these modern times, there exists an answer at your fingertips, or at least at your smartphones and Google’s fingertips!   Text, voice technology…there’s an app for that.  Enter the quizology of The Morrissey House.

Monday nights bring laughter, togetherness, pride, competition and consternation!   Sitting at The Mo, we make you face the simple question, ‘do I know this’?  Interacting with your friends and family as opposed to the machinations of the modern world, we fulfill that primitive urge you have to take stock in your knowledge testing the right side of your brain, whimsical and intuitive, and the logic and reason that operate the converse.

We usually see over 20 teams out, with 90-120 players per week.  All teams and players are welcome as we will always try to find a place for you and your group (and after this past Quizmas, we have a pretty good idea how to squeeze everybody in!  Five people max per team (we start taking points off for more brains), usually ends about 9:45 or so, prizes each week, and always fun.   Again, you do not have to participate every week; if you want to come out once every few weeks, or months, that is great, you are more than welcome! No smart phones, no texting, no web browsing, no notes…just you and your brain!  We do fill early, so you will want to have someone in place by 6:45 (to be safe).

Questions range from classic literature to world geography, local landmarks to celebrities, movies, tv shows, comedy…picture rounds, wordplay…science, sports, history…rounds that connect to rounds that are the very essence of the word trivial.  Sometimes devious, sometimes difficult, but always interesting and you will leave a better person!!

Let us know your thoughts (as always!). And welcome to our quiz.

For those of you that use Facebook, please join our league page.  There you will receive regular clues to upcoming questions, for example, the theme of the music round, or themes of the picture rounds, or even a picture of a question itself!
Every once in a while, we also post questions on Twitter, so follow us there as well

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