New menu November 2012

turtleFinally! We apologize to those that are here on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and had grown a bit weary of our menu, albeit excellent menu! We have changed the menu at least every six months since our inception, but this summer, ran into some difficulties with our equipment which necessitated a major change in our systems…but here we are today! The kitchen is much more efficient, both in terms of our fine staff and the so so tools that I give them to work with! Our new winter menu was launched last Saturday (November 3), breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So why the post? Letting you know what you already know? Not so much. This post is to ask you for your genuine feedback. We had some good ideas on how to tweak certain breakfast items from the very first meal served. We want to serve you in the best possible way, and without feedback (don’t you hate it when servers offer up the generic ‘how is everything here’ and you offer the generic, ‘great’ even though you have only had a bite of your salad and haven’t even delved into your entrée?)…we will think we are just our usual brilliant self.

Need more seasoning? Need more spinach? You would like the sauce thicker so you can dip your fries? Let us know so we can make sure the best is being served. Email me at, or leave a comment below.

Hope you enjoy the new items as much as you have the old. Next menu, in and around May 24!


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