New beer suggestions?


Cameron’s RyePA is coming this Thursday to fill the Silversmith Black Lager- many thanks to Silversmith for the fine brew as it was top notch and sold really well.  It will be back at some point, but we are ready for change!

Speaking of which, any great Ontario beers that you have yet to see on tap here?  We might have another opening next week, and I am making a list to make sure we keep it new and fresh.  Keep in mind that we tend to favour the darker beers for the winter months, and there should be some good porters and stouts upon us soon. 

If you have suggestions, leave them here, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter (both of which you can do from the front page on this site), or email me at

Another new feature for us?  You can follow this page as well!  Bottom right corner is a follow us button.  You get get a confirmation email and I promise not to fill your email with spam or too many posts!  I do plan on doing a post once a week though, so if that is too many, don’t hit follow, but check back every once in a while!




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