Our Christmas Charity


In years past, the staff of The Morrissey, with the help of our excellent community of patrons, have helped a lot of people during the holiday season.  This year, we have gone for the very simple.  One of our friends is a teacher at Aberdeen Public School.  The kids there need some help and we are going to offer that help in the form of laundry detergent, simple, easy and effective. 

If you can see your way to making a donation, please drop off detergent at the restaurant.  If you have a business card, leave it with us, or put your name on a piece of paper, and for anyone making a donation, we’ll do a draw for a $40 gift certificate at The Morrissey House.  If you cannot get to a store to buy detergent, we’ll take cash donations as well and make sure that we buy more cleaning supplies for the kids and their families. 

The staff has set a goal of 150 units, but knowing our people, I think that is a little low!  Let’s see what we can do MoHo people.  Happy holidays!


One thought on “Our Christmas Charity

  1. ***UPDATE*** With great thanks, we have reached our goal! With help from the Turcot’s who dropped off 10 units plus deodorant, toothbrushes and paste, The Ward’s with another 10, the Quiz night folk who brought in 35 on Quizmas alone, and everyone else, Bob and Karen, Susan, our staff, people we didn’t even know…!! Amey and Jimmy dropped off the first 129 (apparently Honda Civic’s can fit two people and 129 tubs of detergent and still drive safely) this past week before school was let out over the holiday break. The good news here is that it is not too late to drop off more detergent! We will be visiting them again in the new year once the kids are back, so if you have not been able to see us as yet, please do so. Thanks again for your generosity- much appreciated by the children and teachers at Aberdeen, and I think even more so by myself and the staff at The Morrissey. We love ‘our’ community of MoHo people!

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