Best of London


It is time for the London Free Press readers poll once again.  Last year, we were fortunate to have been chosen as the best pub in London…very subjective I know, and with as many people as vote in a city election, a small sample of people’s thoughts!  Funny how many votes get cast on a show like American/Canadian Idol though isn’t it?  Wait, does Canadian Idol still exist?

Check out  So many categories (of which we fit into about 10!  hahaha), and it is interesting to see how many of the ‘best of’ decals actually get posted around the city, it is an honour.  We have so many great things happening in the downtown core- like Salon Cyan, Wabi Sabi, and Walter at the David E White barbershop- and that is just in the haircutting categories!  The Early Bird, Thaifoon, Tamarine, Abruzzi, The Churchkey, Tasting Room…so many good places to spend some time in eating and drinking.  Newish shops like the Uberstore, and Polish Nail Bar, established cornerstones like Attic and City Lights bookstores, the fine people at Kingsmills and Runner’s Choice…so many choices.

Of course, do not forget some of our suppliers too!  If you like us, you like Kohn Meat Market, International Bakery, and Strano Bakery.  Not sure if there is a category for fruit and vegetable suppliers!

It only takes a couple of minutes, you don’t even need to fill out all the blanks.  Nor do you need to give them any links to your Facebook account or really, any information at all!  I voted last year, gave up an email address, and not once did I get a message from the Freeps.  It is always nice to see the ‘winners,’ to see who your favourites were and how they fared.  Who knows, you might find your next great fish and chip shop when you notice we were beat out by Kipps Lane for example!  Not  saying that we were beat out, we probably weren’t even in the running, but we do have fine fish and chips! 

If you are bored over the holidays, or need some quiet time away from the family, check it out, You can vote daily too in case your family really gets to you!



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