Six Nations Rugby at The MO

six-nationsInterested in international rugby? For the third year, The Morrissey House will be showing all the games. The RBS Six Nations tournament begins this weekend, February 2nd at 8:30AM, and features Ireland versus Wales. We open 15 minutes before each early morning kickoff. The fee is $10/head per game. Breakfast is available but not included in this price, and of course, alcohol cannot be sold prior to 11am.

Feb 2 11am England v Scotland
Feb 3 10am Italy v France

Feb 9 9:30 Scotland v Italy
Feb 9 12pm France v Wales
Feb 10 10am Ireland v England

Feb 23 9:30am Italy v Wales
Feb 23 12pm England v France
Feb 24 9am Scotland v Ireland

There is a week break as it begins again Feb 23rd. We will keep you updated here!

***Update!*** Super weekend of rugby, three exciting matches played with Ireland, England and Italy(!) coming out victorious. Huge game coming up Sunday now between Ireland and England- could be the tournament right here. Remember, we open 15 minutes before the start of the game, $10 per head to watch. Theatre style seating so you can make new friends!


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