Super Bowl at The MO


Time for some Super Bowl fun. 

First, if you are watching the game at home or a friends place, and will play responsibly, you might want to have a look at this link Looks like a little bit of fun!

If you are heading out and are coming to our place, we have a couple of food specials for you.  To celebrate the participants, we are doing up some regional specials as we have done the last few years. 

Baltimore will be represented by what Maryland is famous for- crab cakes!  Ours will be served with a chipotle mayo and will have a touch of spice to them and we are adding side greens to cool it down. 

San Francisco is famous for their sour dough (and yes, rice-a-roni, but who wants rice-a-roni at a restaurant?!).  We are piling on the cold cuts- turkey, pastrami, ham- and adding Swiss cheese, pickle slices and a grainy mustard.  We are also serving it with our now renowned seafood chowder, this batch made with smoked catfish! 

As I write…might as well celebrate the host city too!  I have not even told the staff as I really just did add this.  We’ll do up our jambalaya as a New Orleans inspired dish tonight as well- $2 off! 

Four TV’s are set up, full volume for the game, theatre style seating so we can have you all facing a TV, and we’ll also have Super Bowl bingo and a Pass the Football game happening as well. 

Enjoy the game- should be a good one.  Dave and Jimmy are huge SF fans, so if you want to see them happy this week, you may want to cheer for the Niners.  Then again, if you don’t want them lording it over you for the next decade (as Dave has been doing to me since 1994), you might want to root for the Ravens…tough decision!


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