Am I allowed to say ISU World Figure Skating Championships?


In case you had not heard, London is hosting the World Figure Skating Championships! It’s a fantastic event for London and environs, one that has been talked about since we won the bid two and a half years ago. Never mind the dollars that are expected to flow into our local economy, this event establishes Canada’s London as a world class city. (or so we are told), puts us on the map! (or so we are told). Please do not get me wrong, I applaud everyone who has had anything to do with getting this event to Canada’s London, and I do think it will be an amazing boost economically. I know the hotels are filled, that the worlds’ media is descending, and that anyone visiting our city will be pleasantly surprised at how many great restaurants we have for such a small city (which we are, we just do not like to think so!).  I also know that London will pull this off and it is going to be a great week- if only we can stay away from any council scandals for a day or two.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to showcase to the world who we are…thank you to those that made it happen.

The last 5 cities to host? Gothenburg, LA, Turin, Moscow (in lieu of an earthquake torn Tokyo), and Nice. Pretty heady company.  Of more interest is that though is that a Canadian, Patrick Chan, has won the last two World’s- and placed second at the two prior to that- and is one of the favourites this year. A little less lucky on the ladies side as we have not had a medal since Joannie Rochette’s silver in 2009. But for Londoners, it’s the Ice Dancing that we should be so eager to see (injuries notwithstanding!). London’s own Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue will be defending their title, and go for the 6th medal in the last 6 championships.  The athletes will put on a great show and I know Londoners will as well.

More than 150 million people will be watching these games, and to a certain extent, London. Hopefully, Londoners use this opportunity to be at their best!   For those visiting us, welcome.  And I do personally hope that we make you feel welcome!  I know we will at The Morrissey House!


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