Holiday Charity Giving Life*Spin

the moho christmas**Updated:  The results were overwhelming once again.  It is harder for us to put a dollar figure on this year as far more gifts were dropped off (rather than cash donated last year), but from the haul under the tree, I am going to say that we raised the same as last year- you can see the pictures below!  I am sure we had a few very grateful families in London that received your gifts, the results of your generous nature.  Thank you once again!!  Have a lovely 2015.

In each of the years that The Morrissey has been open, the staff have gotten together to choose a charity- London Food Bank donations, a mitten (and scarf, boots, toque) tree, Aberdeen Public School- are examples of what they/we/all of us have contributed too.  The patrons of The Mo have been stellar in their giving, from the quizzers to the regulars to the people that just pop by every once in a while, they have made it easy for us to meet goals and help others during the holidays.  The food bank donation was two trips in the Focus- and it is amazing how much you can fit in a Focus! Last year, the decision was made to sponsor a family of five through Life*Spin, a local organization serving low income citizens of London.  They have over 500 families that have asked for help this season- you can click on the link for more information. So with this in mind, we decided to give it another go this season and see if we could outdo ourselves once again! Our final total last year was about $1500 in gifts, gift cards and cash (which we turned into gifts and more gift cards). This, I think, was an amazing response from the community and I think gives us an idea of the warmth of our community.  The giving was so great, we had to call Life Spin and ask for another family, and I am sure there was enough for one more as well.  The Monday night quizzers came through as usual, as did the boys and girls around the bar and those in the know so to speak…this year, we start earlier and will have a greater presence around the restaurant.  We have taken on two families- we’ll see if we end up with that little bit extra again this year! The families that we are helping have four children in total.  Books, craft supplies, warm clothing including hats, mitts, scarves, pajamas, and socks are always welcome.  Gift certificates are also welcomed- think along the lines of Wal*mart, No Frills, Superstore and the like. The 2 year old boy is a size three, shoe size is 10 kids.  Building blocks are a good idea, and he likes Thomas, cars, trucks and trains.  Favourite colour is red. 8 year old girl who would like a purse and PJ’s, and enjoys Pokemon cards, and the Littlest Petshop.  She would also like a bike helmet and clothes.  Size 10, shoe size 13. Another child with red as her favourite colour! Another 8 year old girl, size 12 clothes, 2 youth in shoes and likes pink (really?!, haha).  PJ’s and a purse as well- single bed sheets, swimming towel, and DVD’s of kids movies are on her wish list. And finally, a 10 year old boy whose favourite colour is green and wears a size 4 shoe and size 12 clothes.  Also has a need for PJ’s, and a wishlist of clothes, Pokemon cards, soccer ball and shirt (although no team is specified, so let’s go with Liverpool or Barcelona!  Man U does not need any more fans do they?), and perhaps a skateboard. Life*Spin also accepts gifts for mums and dads, but we have no list this year as such. We have list up at The Morrissey if you are want to help donate something specific, or we had a thought that Superstore (that one stop shop) gift certificates might be useful, or cash as our staff would go out to complete the list. Deadline for giving in this particular case is early morning, Monday December 15th as we will be going out that day to finish off the shopping! We realize that there are so many that are in need this holiday season, and most seasons in general!  If you can help, wonderful, please stop in and see one of the staff.  All the best to everyone, safe holiday season and a happy beginning to the new year! Last year’s haul….. IMG_20131218_221857IMG_0275IMG_0278IMG_0275IMG_0273IMG_0271IMG_0267IMG_20131219_104954 IMG_20131219_105012 IMG_20131219_105046 IMG_20131219_105204


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