Knights ticket giveaway!! Extra special edition!!


Our last London Knights ticket giveaway happens Wednesday December 18th, courtesy of Labatt.  The tickets are for Friday’s game against the Niagara Ice Dogs- good tickets too, section 114, row D, seats 7 and 8.


What makes this an extra special giveaway is one, we are only accepting ballots tomorrow, Wednesday, but instead of just doing the luncheon, you can come by and eat any time during the day, 11am until midnight…the only caveat is that you do eat!  Two, not only do you win the tickets, but we are also going to save you a seat Friday night and buy you dinner for two* as well!  Pretty sweet Christmas surprise!  Tickets, dinner for two and a couple of Labatt beers, all just for coming in on Wednesday for a meal that you would need to have anyway!

The draw will be done early on Thursday so you can plan your night accordingly.


*by dinner for two, we mean two entrées from our mains menu, two desserts (not including the float) and two John Labatt products, bottle or tap.


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