Holiday Hours, Christmas and New Year’s Eve


elf teeAs we amazingly approach our 4.5 year mark,  amazingly, not that we are amazing, just that it has amazingly been that quick, although, you are amazing, which is what I was going to say right after the ‘mark!’

Thank you for spending time at The MoHo in 2014.  I know we say we appreciate it, and people use that phrase pretty easily, but I am staggered that we have as many friends as we do in this short period of time and that we have become a part of your lives and the neighbourhood.

I love hearing the hubbub of the restaurant which I previously thought was only done by sound effects on TV and in movies.  The chaotic din- wait, that’s hubbub- of our staff in the kitchen, the way the front of house staff maneuvers around each other with grace, and the patience you have with all of that.

Holiday hours for us this year, as last, means that we will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, December 24th, 25th and 26th respectively.  We will also be closed January 1st all day and January 5th between 3pm and 5pm as we have a staff meeting to explore ways of making 2014 even better for all of us.

We will be open until 10pm on New Year’s Eve, ie, last call at 10pm.  Chef has promised something special for the night, although just as a special; all of your favourites will still be available and there will be no price fixed menu.  We will also allow you to bring in your own wine that night for a corkage fee (bottles must be 750ml).  As an added bonus, we’ll have some party favours for you to take to your next stop!  As usual, it is best to make reservations for the night as we expect a busy dinner. Please call us at 519 204 9220 to make your New Year’s Eve arrangements.

Our staff holiday function will be held on January 19th necessitating our last closure until Thanksgiving!  That Sunday we will be open for brunch and closing at 4pm.


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