Meatless Monday

meatlessEvery Monday we are pleased to join in on the Meatless Monday movement.  This means that every Monday we will make sure the soup that is served is vegetarian, and that  the special of the day is also a vegetarian item- sandwiches, flatbreads, burritos…lots for us to choose from as we try to find ways to cater to you!    If you have any suggestions for us, please leave them here, or email me directly at and I will discuss with Chef.  There is a great story attributed to the Dalai Lama as he tried to go vegetarian but just could not do it.  He then decided to eat only as a vegetarian every other day, so that at the end of the year, he could say that for 6 months, he was a vegetarian!  One day can make a difference, and who knows, might get you started on something bigger!

Jan 20 special-  goat cheese stuffed portobello mushroom with sliced avocado and roasted jalapeno oil. 



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