The One With The Friends Quiz

A-Cast-Friend- (1)

We have a date! In celebration of one of the most watched and most beloved television shows in history, we will be hosting a Friends quiz one day after the ten year anniversary of their finale- The Last One- Wednesday May 7, 7:30pm sharp. 40 questions, a couple of picture rounds, a music round and a lot of fun for you, the obsessive fan! Ha. We have had so many people tell us how great they are with the minute details of the show, that I think this will be the most competitive quiz that we have ever hosted! Five players per team, you might want to show up early to make sure you get a seat!

As an extra special bonus, this is on a Winesday- every week we offer $1.50 off per glass and $6 off per bottle, and also the option of BYOW, bring your own wine. A corkage fee does apply, and it must be a 750ml bottle produced commercially, ie, no home made, and purchased at the LCBO.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 10th.  More details shared here and on Facebook as we have them.



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