Tuesday! Half price vegetarian chicken wongs!! Amazing!!


That’s right, finally, after almost an entire year of development!  So many have been asking for so long and we have finally perfected our recipe!  We are making our own vegetarian chicken wing- which we call the chicken wong, because it is so right that it has to be wrong!  The great news for vegetarians is that we are also going to discontinue our regular wings and just go with these as they are so so good- one can barely tell the difference- sure they cost more as the industry really sticks it to us for eating healthy, but a small (Ha) price to pay.  The even better news is that we are launching the new product on a Tuesday, which means they will start off at half price!

Still serving up all the great house made sauces that we have ruled London with for the past four, almost five years, as we have had the best baked and grilled wings in the city, and…stay with me here for a second…I know it sounds weird… but what is going to make our veggie wong the best around and a unique experience, is that they are going to be ‘bone in’ to give you that real chicken experience!  How can we do that you ask?  Well…we have been saving up your used bones every Tuesday for the past year, Frenching them, freezing them, and yes, we even washed them, so that you can have an authentic wong, I mean wing, eating experience!

You have not had a chicken wing until you have expended all that effort to get every little piece of sinewy goodness off the bone, but now you can!  Your journey can be completed, but do not ask how the soy like protein has been attached to the bones- you really do not want to know (not that it was a sticking point with the CFIA at all!).   It’s not tender but rubbery. It doesn’t pull away in strips like real chicken. It’s like biting into a piece of cooked extra-firm tofu. Or the sole of a sneaker, but a really nice sneaker, like Puma, or an Adidas Gazelle!  So happy, so excited!!!

The Morrissey House is so so happy to have made this happen.  If this is wong, we don’t want to be right!




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