A Great Opportunity Awaits…are you our next employee?


The time has come once again!  It does not happen very often, and we are usually very low key about it, but this time, we thought we would spread our net a little further and see what opportunities come our way.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Think you have outgrown your current place of employment?  Feeling a little unloved by a lacking corporate culture?  Or you do not feel your skills are being utilized as they should be?  Well then…keep reading.



The Morrissey House is looking for the next great employee to join our team.  Team being the key word here.  A lot of places discuss the word, and hope to achieve that feeling of team, but we embody the term.  So first and foremost, you want to work in a team, long for it, and will do everything you can to keep that feeling.  The rest of our wish list…

You also know the value of hard work…and really need to, because we work you hard!  We prefer full time employees- 35-45 hours per week, weekdays, weekends, evenings- available for all.  We have long shifts, no splits, no doubles, no two hour shifts, just full money making shifts,  The Morrissey is busy, and steady, so Tuesdays are like Fridays and Sunday days like Thursday nights…there is no fighting to work a Saturday night like a lot of places because you get your hours and sales are there each day of the week.  The caveat being; it is hard!  A lot of walking, a lot of smiling, a lot of building a community.  You pour your own drinks, you run others’ food, you clean tables and baseboards, you seat guests, you know the difference between a lager and an IPA- or at least can make a suggestion to preference.  You clean, you are happy (hard work in itself), and you stay motivated through an entire shift- without being able to check your phone!  Maybe most importantly, you can put up with an owner who often gets in your way!


You want to be a part of this industry.  This means you have a desire to take care of people- yes, even those people.  Service is NOT all about tips- there is a bigger picture that you will need to understand, and unlike what seems to be the all pervasive thinking of immediate gratification, you understand that the immediacy of the moment, ie, a 10% tip for example, is not the be all and end all of your night, that that person might think 10% is the greatest tip he has ever given, that he tells his friend about your service and that friend comes in and leave a 30% tip, or that the first guy has 10000 followers on Twitter and compliments you/us, or just writes a review on Tripadvisor, remember, a tip is ALWAYS generous- it is not a billed item or necessary, but a compliment…Service is about caring, being communicative, and wanting to make sure you guide your guest through the experience of The Morrissey.

You have also been a part of this industry.  The Morrissey House needs a certain level of experience and competence.  We are busy and have an expectation of someone being able to walk in and take a full shift within a week or two.  You have served tables, you have mixed cocktails, you are comfortable doing both.  We can teach you about beer or wine (if you can learn), but you need to be able to bring a second and third gear with you.   This is your vocation, not necessarily something you are doing on your way to a ‘real’ job.

The point being that we have, and will continue to build, a community because of who we are, who you are.  The neighbourhood embraced us from day one.  The hotels send a lot of people our way and even if we see that traveller once a year, we remember who they are, they remember who we are and we are often their first stop.  This is what service means and what we need from any employees- that ability to remember names, faces, jobs.  That you can engage people in conversation- and not just, would you like dessert or coffee.  It is great if you can discuss or have an interest in local theatre or art, sports, current events, even philosophy– not necessarily all of them, but important for you to be engaging!


Also very important to us that you are a genuinely nice person.  We are nice people- all of us.  The Morrissey is calm.  The music is not loud, we do not allow patrons to act out.  Not all patrons are cut out for us either- we understand that and cherish it!  In the same manner, not all great servers are for us either!  We have great people that see us daily/weekly/monthly/yearly…you are a part of those great people.

You have humour.  You know how to laugh.  You understand sarcasm (hopefully).  You are usually happy- at least when you are with us, you are happy!  We are not the flair type of place- the picture included notwithstanding- but you understand why that picture is funny…which means we will probably get along!


You are a leader without title.  You may not be a manager or a supervisor, but we place a lot of faith in our front of house staff.  You take responsibility and are a professional.  You do not need a babysitter to tell you that you need to keep your workplace clean, or your salt and pepper shakers full.  You know that if you only do what you are asked, and you just do your ‘job,’ you are taking away a position from someone that will do that little extra, that can think for themselves and that will add to the success of the business.


You listen. You are respectful.  You are honest.  You love detail.  You are curious- about the industry, about the menu, about our guests, about learning…you have an excellent reflex, ie, automatically, you want to make improvements.  As service comes from the heart and is not a science, you have heart.


Who are you?  You love the business and people.  You are a contributor, not someone who will get left behind.  You want to say hello to people, hold the door open.  You have a positivity about you and not an ‘I won’t or I can’t.’

There it is!  If you think this is you, pop us a resume.  In person is fine, you can drop it off with any of the current staff, you don’t even have to ask for the manager- that is the kind of trust we have in our current staff, they are a part of the process!  If you would like to email it, please do so at mark@themorrisseyhouse.com




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