Half Way To St Patrick’s Day, Wednesday September 17

halfYear’s ago, when I managed The Spoke, I stole what I thought was a great idea from a bar in the USA.  So many year’s ago!  We had a great event up there- live music, giveaway tees, Guinness merch giveaways, and green beer- London’s first such celebration…I so loved that idea and carried it around with me in other places once I had left the university, and even did it at The Morrissey House the first two years we could.  We got to the point that we were kind of too busy to make it happen, so no tees, no music…we just let other places do the same and hope they did well with it, and hope that we got off early enough to go down and have a pint and join in the festivities!

This year, we are giving it a go again.  Nothing major, as afterall, it is just the 6 month mark between and in essence, just one more practice day, (but the best of all the practice days!).  This is more of a way for us to thank you with something a little special.

As Wednesday is our Winesday, we will still offer up the usual $1.50 off every glass of wine we sell and $6 off per bottle.  We will also have our great fish and chip plate on sale all day long for only $10, and Guinness will be only $6.50 (tax in) all day long as well.  And even better… our great Irish lamb stew will be served up!  The music? Celtic all day long too- not live mind you, but something to get you into the spirit!  Still no tee shirts to giveaway, but a good day to be out and about thinking of what is to come in six months time!


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