The Best of London

IMG_20150227_112825Once again, you have made us proud.

In 2012, I asked people to vote- not necessarily for us, but for all of your London favourites- and if you did vote for us, not necessarily for best pub, but maybe for best fish and chips?  Ha!  I never wanted to be in the ‘pub’ category as I thought there was an idea that people had about pubs that we could not meet- whether they be English, Irish, Scottish, or any other nationality- or even if you brought up the term gastro pub- again, a certain connotation attached to those words whether negative or positive, but there is an idea behind the words, and I have always eschewed labels, or maybe more to the point, just did not know how we fit in?!  I thought we could just be a local, or a vagabond restaurant, or even, just The Mo, without people having a preconception or marvelling that we had served wine in glasses and not plastic.  So yes, in 2012, I voted, asked you to vote via our social media and in the end, we won the LFP award for best pub (but not for best fish and chips!).

In the intervening years, I have not really thought about that process, but rather, enjoyed our own process and progress, the growth of The Morrissey House, what we mean to the community and what they meant to us.  I was very surprised when contacted by the Free Press last week and told that we had won the category again, one because I had forgotten that the poll existed, and two, partially the reason for my forgetting, is that I just assumed there were bigger pubs out there with bigger social media followings and active campaigns to win so to speak.

I am embracing the ‘title’ this year, with the caveat that we are changing the very definition of a pub!  Easy thing to do right?  Just change the English language!  Awards or not, we always try to be our best, even at our worst, we are still trying.  The Morrissey is nothing but a component of parts; a great staff that cares about your experience; a neighbourhood that embraced us from day one; and an ever growing base of guests that enjoy what we have to offer- which in my mind is a nice value driven casual spot to meet friends, eat great food, and drink well too.  As I have said a lot recently, I am happy that we opened downtown and in this particular part of the core.  I also know, as a fact, that if there was an award for best guests, ours would win, easily.  Thank you for being you and for helping us build the kind of place that you want to be a part of!

Even without the award, we know we are among the best, we strive for it everyday- some days are easier than others, but again, every day we try to be the best and that is due to wanting to please the fine people we see on a daily basis.  So this award is not necessarily for Best Pub, but more so for best staff, and best patrons, as collectively, they make the Best Pub.  Thank you once again to those that voted, it is much appreciated.  More importantly, thank you for making us feel like we are the best on a daily basis as we have felt that from the day we opened our doors.

PS!!!  As a giant thank you, instead of buying an ad with the Free Press, we are going to take that money and have an appreciation day so to speak!  I will let you know when that will be, but I want the patio open to make it happen, so it might be a while!


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