Redhead Days REDux at The Morrissey

redhead daysI saw the most spectacular thing a couple of years ago, but I was not sure what we could do with it at The Morrissey.  It was an event in the Netherlands called Redhead Days, a gathering of those genetic freaks (as I had once been called) that was somewhat inspiring- and certainly better than Kick a Ginger Day!  And thinking that redheads are special and should be loved, and having quite a few on staff at The Mo, I figured 2014 to try something!  It was such a success, that we are bringing it back in 2015!

We are keeping it simple this year again this year, but we will be making this into a yearly treat for those of the redheaded persuasion.  We begin by offering a 15% discount on food for redheads the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September (September 4, 5 and 6 this year).  We will also have an Auburn beer, one of the best in Ontario, for only $4.75 (tax in and 20oz)…and because we can’t discriminate among patrons regarding beer pricing, this is your gift, from the gingers to the blondes, brunettes and everything in between- so please thank a ginger today for being so good to you!

Anyone with red hair, or even honorary- those that have actually made a conscious decision to dye theirs for example- are good to get the discount.  If you are bald now, or have gone grey, bring a picture and the discount is yours!  Non reds will have to do with being nice to their red friends for one day out of the year, and still get to try a great Ontario red (beer that is)!

Be proud redheads, it is awesome to be a ginger.  One of my best days was when a hairdresser told me that people had to pay a lot of money to get my colour, which was next to the brilliant day I walked into my grade nine class in Australia and saw eight redheads in my class, as opposed to having just my brother and I being the only two in the whole school!

Next year, t-shirts!  And remember, only a ginger can call another ginger ginger.

(as an aside, the links above are pretty cool if you do have red hair- and if you don’t, see Tim Minchin’s great Prejudice song- link above as well, redheaded persuasion)



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