September…Can we all be a little nicer?

london_downtownIt is that time of year again as London’s population spikes with the return of Western and Fanshawe students, not to mention all of the people that support these students- professors, bankers, grocery store cashiers…vacation time is over, summer is coming to an end, and London is busy.

You know when we get first snowfall and drivers forget that we live in Canada?  They forget what it is like to move a car through slushy conditions that were only present 7 months prior?!   This time of year can be similar as the streets become congested, the sidewalks that much busier; more cyclists, more late night noise, busier lines at stores, all the things we hate…but the pay off….more life added to our city!  With the influx of students, quaint little old London seems to transform into a megalopolis!  Again, it seems like so many forget that these conditions were present only 4 months ago!

Please make sure you are a little nicer, share a little more easily, give yourself more time to go anywhere, pass cyclists with extra space, do not act as entitled, just be giving, maybe even smile? In your car, signal, see the timers on the crosswalks and make sure you stop at reds (or even yellows!), allow people to merge, listen to some good music, roll your windows down and take advantage of the rest of the summer. Do not be so distracted- remember there are new laws about allowing pedestrians through those same crosswalks, phones, eating, smoking (and even having a 40 pound dog on your lap or hanging out of the driver’s side window!) It will make London so much easier to be in, to get around in, and to want to be a part of.

The Dalai Lama has words that can help at this time! Sure, he is talking about something different (although timely with the current news cycle), but you can see the point- sensitivity and kindness go a long way and we can tell our own story on a daily basis.

“Don’t be discouraged by the terrible news we hear; in reality, that reflects a small portion of the human story. Beneath the ugly tip of that glacier lies a vast reservoir of sensitivity and kindness.”


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