Election special- selling off “OLD STOCK”

montyThis week, to help celebrate the end of a long, tumultuous election campaign, we will be having out annual fall sale as we get rid of our old stock (wink wink nudge nudge) and gain some space for our new bottle and cans menu

On sale until they are gone:

  • 100 Mile Ale
  • 100 Mile Lager
  • Side Launch Pale Ale
  • Side Launch Dark Ale
  • Mill St Cobblestone Stout
  • Hockley Valley Dark Ale
  • Hogsback Vintage Lager (SOLD OUT!)
  • Red Falcon Ale
  • Nickel Brook Green Apple
  • Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale
  • Kensington Augusta Ale

All of the above are 473ml Ontario craft cans and are only $5.50 tax in!

The bottle list is a little smaller, but still, some great deals!

  • Beau’s Lugtread 600ml bottle only $7.25 (SOLD OUT!)
  • Saints of Circumstance 4.75
  • Wellington SPA 4.25
  • Okanagan Cloudy Amber 4.75
  • Stonewall Light  4.25

Some of the new beers you can expect to see this coming week- some are in, some we are awaiting…

Cameron’s Auburn, Waterloo Dark Ale, Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout, Flying Monkeys Smashbomb, Railway City Dead Elephant IPA, Hops and Robbers, Muskoka Detour, Lake of Bays Crosswind, and…Pommies Pear cider!



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