When disaster strikes! Our plan for Tuesday night…

Addendum 3.  giant thank you to Middlesex Health Unit (Corey and Richard in particular), Reliance, Union Gas, our HVAC man Mike, Deb Matthews and Katie Stewart, Peter from Ecolab, Jesse Helmer, the Woodfield crew and everyone else who chimed in with help over the last 36 hours.  Soon to have a proper landlord (we hope/think) and hoping that this kind of thing is now past us. Great work from a lot of people to solve this mistake.  Also thank you to the staff that missed out on a couple of shifts for the help and patience. Ridiculous situation to have to deal with it, but the beauty of being who we are and where we are is the support you all bring to the table. Thanks!!

ADDENDUM!! We have realized that we have no hot water on one side of the building! This actually necessitates our closure for the eve! Sorry!! We know how much you like the wings! But I assume you also like clean plates & clean hands?! We will let you know when we can open!

ADDENDUM 2!  I did not do very well in my high school Latin class, but I guess that should be addenda?!  if you notice a Red posting from the Middlesex Health Unit, please do not be concerned.  Not a big deal for us (nor them), as they said, ‘voluntarily closed pending restoration of natural gas supply.’ Good to go once we get Union Gas in here to rectify the, now large, mistake!  As we note below, could be Thursday, but we have some fine people working on a solution for us- none of whom is our landlord by the way.  Can’t wait to see you again!

Really strange start to our day!  But we have you covered…well, some of you covered.  Our landlord is selling the building, and even though the sale has not been finalized, she cancelled her account with Union Gas.  They showed up today and turned the gas off!!  As we figured out what the guy was doing, we make some calls, he talks to people, BUT, he is not licensed to turn it back on.  Several calls/emails later, looks like they can come back Thursday to turn it back on- THURSDAY!!  Certainly a breach of our lease and we will need to take care of that somehow, but you won’t need to know about that!  You will need to know about our service tonight!

First, no gas means no line for us…which means no deep fryers, no grill, no flattop, no salamander, no oven.  You would think this means no food, BUT, crisis management is effect! (thus the picture).  airplane

No chicken wings will be available on this, half price wing day!  We are however, offering all of our salads (yay, vegetarians and vegans reign at The Mo tonight!  btw, Vegfest happens November 14th).  We will also be serving up nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, our chicken clubwich, dipping trio, soups, the great sausage platter, and as our hefty entrées, lamb vindaloo, jambalaya, cottage pies, and our veg curry.

We have also decided to offer all of our pints at $5.75 for the evening, and will be donating $.50 of every pint sold to the Movember campaign as we have several of our fine patrons that are sporting the beginnings of fluff. So yes, very limited menu, but if you are drinking beer, you will be helping a fine cause!


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