International Women’s Day 2016

iwdTuesday March 8 we celebrate International Women’s Day.

We have talked a lot about women in our industry and there are stories every day about what women have to deal with just to make a living; from dress codes to harrassment to having to be that much better just to be seen as equal.  We have written about the language that is used , and it stresses me out that the women in the industry seemingly get used to it, or it is just an expected part of their chosen profession.

Our industry is making strides.  I see more female owners; there are more women in management- something that was rare when I started in the business; we see more and more women chefs, or leaders of back of house…but still, not enough.  In my small world, while our front of house is dominated by female staff, we have only one woman in back of house- but in the last two years or resume seeking, we have only even interviewed two women, perhaps had less than five others apply.  We constantly preach about harassment and language and it amazes me that in 2016, that conversation still needs to happen.  Again, my small world, I am not sure what pay rates are like…I know what mine are, but I know that parity should be an non-starter in my industry, shouldn’t even be a question…but isn’t that kind of the point?

It does seem like the conversation continues- among so many conversations! That is why #pledgeforparity is important Tuesday, to make sure the conversation continues. Equals.

Our little part for the ladies this Tuesday…$5 off any food ordered (I was going to do $.79 but that seemed to little, as did 21%!).  We will still have half price wings on Tuesday as well.  Even better, we will be extending #winesday to Tuesday…not that women only drink wine, just that it is easier for us to discount than beer!  And finally…if you do not follow us on Twitter (@morrisseyhouse) or Facebook, please do.  I will be posting a password for the day, on the day, for any women who dine with us Tuesday to get a piece of The Chocolate Factory’s beautiful mint smoothies.  Not much I know, but again…it’s a start and know that we are a part of the conversation.


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