A quick note…most of what we do has changed since we reopened June 12. While we still have great beer, food, staff, and patrons, we only have patio seating and we want to ask that you make reservations (

Most importantly! For those looking at our website, I have not had the time to change every single page as yet as I feel taking care of the people in the restaurant and asking questions via phone and email has been a better use of my time at the moment, even though we are all working day and night to keep us open.

The menu page is updated, and I will add the brunch menu that starts on June 20 (every Saturday and Sunday) by the end of the weekend, maybe even on Friday!

Our hours are: closed Mondays (for now…perhaps open for phase 3). The same with lunches, closed for the moment, but perhaps that will change in phase 3 as well. So we are opening at 4pm Tuesday through Friday and 11am Saturday and Sunday. (we will try to get open earlier on Fridays as soon as we can, but for this week, 4pm).

Our specials are no longer in affect but for Wing Tuesday. We will allow take out half price wings but as with dine in, you must purchase a beverage!

Take-out is available during our open hours- the menu is what you see here, all items available for take-out, and we are discounting cans of beer and wine for take-out as well. We do not do delivery nor are we with any delivery app as they are usurous in our opinion.

If you have any questions, as we are not there during the daytime hours to answer the phone, try us at!

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 MOHO INFO

  1. Thank you for the great breakfast today , very happy the patio is open and you are able to provide some normalcy for us .

    • I am sorry Tamara! I thought I had responded with a big thank you! We had a busy day that day, people have been so great thus far…I appreciate the thoughts, thank you.

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