Summer of 2020 Phase 2!

In order for us to have fun at some point in the near future, we need to be careful now and ensure everyone’s safety- staff and patrons alike!  We have all been so good over the last 2.5 months that we do not want to see this opportunity wasted.  And what a great opportunity this is! We get to leave our houses and be in a patio with food that does not come in a carton and beer that comes in a glass!  We are very excited and we do hope that you are as well. We are doing our best to make sure that we do not see a spike in two weeks, hopefully, you are as well.

We also hope that you understand where we are.  The Morrissey has been closed for 2.5 months. We did not offer take-out as we thought our menu was not as suitable as other restaurant menus were, AND, we wanted to make sure our staff was taken care of.  We did take the opportunity to paint, clean, refinish, and plan for the future, all things that are difficult to do when we are always on the go. The first week has been tremendously smooth and we are ecstatic at how nice everyone (but for one fella) has been!!

With this in mind, your safety and our safety, as well as the fact that we have all been cooped up and bills need to get paid, we would ask that you are cognizant of others- their safety as an absolute and also their enjoyment of the summer!

We would suggest that you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook as those sites will be updated daily with hour changes, menu changes and the like.

The government has asked that we take reservations for all diners.  We have an email address set up for this,, and you can also call 519 204 9220. Be aware that we are not open every day nor as many hours, the phone might go unanswered, but we are checking messages as soon as we get in- email is answered more frequently. Currently, we are booking in two-hour increments so we can accommodate as many of you as possible.  The city of London was brilliant in their handling of the patio extension so we do have as much table space as we did last summer, but again, we’ve been cooped up and want to get out!

Reservation courtesies will include; timing!  Please be on time, not 30 minutes before, not 10 minutes late.  We have the kitchen timed, we have other patrons timed, this is the way restaurants work, and again, we are all about being courteous at the moment. We have booked you in for two hours, so if you are late, we still only have that two-hour window.

While the government is allowing seatings up to 6 people, we are only booking groups up to 4 people at the moment.  Tables are static, ie, they are not moving, and as they are 32″ tables, they only seat 4. We have made sure we have space and distance and we need to abide by that.

We do have extra patio seating. Do not be afraid to come if you do not have a reservation- we may be full, but we have an extension and seem to be adding tables all the time as we get used to being on our feet again! The side patio is lovely, quiet, shady at the right time, sunny at others, and we will continue to make it nicer with more plants and lighting- once we get the time to leave the restaurant!

Our hours are in flex at the moment. We are starting our brunch service Saturday June 20 at 11am, and Sunday June 21 also at 11am (note the change from our old 10am opening). We are also hoping to be open for lunch, but realistically, we do not see that happening before Phase 3 (and at the moment, we are still trying to source our barriers). We will be closed Mondays for the foreseeable future as we take the time to finish our renovations, but we should be there soon. For now, weekdays will be 4pm starts for us.

We are also very weather dependent! The rain plan at the moment is that we cannot risk being open as we will have nowhere for people to go if they have meals on their tables. We are not sure umbrellas are enough to protect you and certainly the servers would then be getting wet.

Before you arrive!  Please make sure you are not experiencing any symptoms, if you are unwell at all, or have been in contact with someone you know is ill. We do have a thermometer here (staff will also abide by the same rules). We are going to be open all summer, you do not need to be out the first moment the government says you can be…be well!

While you are here!  Please make sure you stay at your table. We understand you know people, that is the kind of place that we have, but please do not hop from table to table. No physical contact at the restaurant- no hugs for staff, no hugs for your friends, no handshakes, no fist bumps…again, common courtesy. Smoking is allowed at the front of the restaurant by the telephone pole, but as we might have people waiting, it would be stellar if you should choose to smoke over or past the west side drive. Bring your own sanitizer, use ours, wash your hands, wear your mask if you like!!

Also!  We will be allowing restricting washroom visits- not in the sense that you cannot go more than once, more like, one person at a time! we are trying to ease the traffic flow and again, just keep people comfortable.

We are happy to be back serving again, it is what we do. Happy to have happy people, happy to see old faces- and the new ones that have appeared as well(!). Happy that the sun is shining on us and that London is doing comparatively well while knowing there is still work to be done and we still need to take precautions. Thank you for being a part of what we do at The Morrissey and thank you so much for the support that you have shown us in the last week (and past 11 years!).