Our Christmas Break

We will be closed for a few days as the holidays make our schedule weird! We had great plans this year to do brunch Christmas Eve, and even thought about opening Boxing Day as well, which we have not done since 2009, but plans change as we can all attest to this year.

We will be reopening for 3 days, Tuesday December 29, Wednesday December 30, and Thursday December 31 between 5pm and 8pm for take-out only. We will also be a little limited in our menu choices but plan on having a few specials on NYE- and every order will receive a little bag with hats.beads/noisemakers in them!

We will also take the next few days to decide what January (and perhaps longer depending on how we do in the initial lockdown phase) will look like. We need some sleep first though as it is hard to make a major decision like that when you don’t even truly know what day it is without asking Alexa first!

Please stay safe, please do what you can to maintain lockdown so we can all get back to normal, or even orange(!) as fast as we can. Enjoy the holidays, see you in a few days.

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