Vaccine Passports and Kindness

We are a local. We are a private enterprise. While we see ourselves as a community hub, at the end of the day, we know that we are just a restaurant. We know that you have a myriad of options to choose from when planning how to use your income and when planning on what you will eat and where- home, drive-thru, fast casual, fine dining, intermittent fasting, at grandma’s, with family, with friends, by yourself and more….  We have at the moment, 26 staff members just doing our best to get by, as we have done through the last 18 months and 3 lockdowns that shuttered our business.  Our business has changed significantly as has the requirements of each of our jobs. Like all of us, we have been through so much during this pandemic and feel that there has been good and bad with respect to government support. Without CERB, CEWS, and CERS, there would not be an industry at the moment. At the same time, we feel that the government has painted our industry with a brush that has made it difficult for people to have confidence in how we offer our product. We also feel that they have added significant burdens to our industry that they have not to others- and made us feel like there is so much for us to figure out on our own. This is not a new thing however as we are the beta-testers for so many things! We are bearing the brunt of this policy at the moment and eagerly await any news that will make this run more smoothly.

On September 22, for any indoor diners, we will be asking for ID (the I stands for I and the D for dentification…thanks Norm) and your vaccine certificate. You must have had your second dose 14 days prior to dining in our establishment. Just as you need ID to prove your age and drink legally, you must provide your government issued ID and 2nd shot vaccine certificate to dine legally. This does not apply for outdoor dining (although the ID for drinking still does!). In case of poor weather, you will still not be allowed indoors in order to finish a meal, so please plan accordingly. You may use the washroom while wearing your mask.

Mask mandates in common areas still hold. While you are seated (and ONLY while you are seated), you may take your mask off. While you are walking to your table, even outdoors, you must wear your mask. We are still not in a place where mingling is allowed, movement is to the washrooms or the exits, and not to chat with tables, and definitely not to chat with tables maskless.

We will be doing our best to take care of you in an efficient manner, but please understand, that no matter how many staff we have working, this is as new for us as it is for you and there will be delays. We are hoping that we can create our own registry of our regulars’ certificates so that we can speed up the process and have asked authorities if this would be allowed, but have yet to receive a response.

Be patient, say thank you, be on time, respect staff, and be considerate to your fellow citizens. Please understand we are human and doing our best, we are not politicians, you did not vote for us, we are applying policy not creating it. Remember, at the end of the day, we are just one of your 1000’s of options in the city to have a meal.

The health and safety of our community and staff is our number one priority.