Vaccine Passports

It has almost been two full years since we were sent into lockdown. In that time, all we have done is to try to create a safe environment for staff and patrons alike. We have followed all of the guidelines/mandates/laws in order to keep people safe. I do think that all levels of governments have done our industry a great disservice over the last 23+ months and it will take us years to gain back consumer confidence through no fault of our own (or often, not based upon any science or data).

At this time, even though Ontario is allowing establishments to eschew passports at their entrances, we will continue to ask for proof of vaccination. While we will still accept the QR code with ID, we will also allow the paper version, again with ID. We want our staff to be able to feel comfortable and safe when they come to work and for our patrons to also feel comfortable at The Morrissey.

We will definitely continue to evaluate our policy on a daily basis and reach out to you when it changes. We have done so much work over the past 23+ months to get to where we are, that we feel, with patio season so close, that can hold the line for a little longer. I feel like the government has put us in a tough spot- as they have continually done, even on March 16, 2020, when initially, they were leaving the St Patrick’s Day decision up to individual establishments!

We have definitely had issues at our door including with a billionaire on Wednesday night! We have had 45yo men try to use the same ID/QR code, we have had people take their frustrations out on staff, we have lost customers because of our policies, we have banned customers because of our policies that they could not abide by, but 99% of our customers have been brilliant. I know that there are people out there that are triple vaxed that have yet to set foot in a restaurant, or even a patio environment.

I know that confidence will slowly return but that it is going to be a process. I do hope that people understand why we are continuing with passports for now and if you do not, again, please do not take it out on staff, just find another spot in the city and see us when you feel comfortable. The process is a very simple one and if it allows you access to our great food/drink/service, and the phone is in your hand anyway…it is a win-win for staff and your fellow patrons alike and something simple you can do for our community.