Beer List

Tuesday 11:45am-10pm, Wednesday, and Thursday 11:45pm-9pm. Fridays 11:45am until 10pm, Saturdays 11am until 10pm, and Sundays, 11am until 9pm. We serve brunch until 3pm each of these days. While we post closing times, it does not mean you have to be out of the restaurant at that time!  You can still for example, show up at 8:30 and I bet we can serve you a hot meal and drinks! Takeout is also available while we are open, email or call 519 204 9220 to order.

All draught is Ontario independently owned and operated (but for Guinness).

ON TAP (as at July 05 2022)- we serve 12oz, 20oz, and 60oz pitchers, pricing is for 20oz, please add hst


    1. Toboggan Jacque Strappe Lager london  6.75
    2. Triple Bogey Premium Lager   london/toronto  6.50
    3. Anderson Cream Ale  london  6.25
    4. Anderson New Zealand Lager  london 6.75
    5. Anderson Strawberry Sour london 7.25
    6. Forked River Pilsner london 6.75 (Sparton  or Hans and Franz)
    7. Powerhouse Brewing Generator IPA london  7.25
    8. Storm Stayed Patina Irish Red Ale  london  7.25 
    9. Railway City Boxcar Graffiti st thomas 6.25
    10. Storm Stayed Sunburst NE IPA london  7.25
    11. Storm Stayed Coffee Break Blonde Ale london 7.25
    12. Side Launch Wheat collingwood 7.25
    13. Great Lakes Brewing Octopus Wants to Fight IPA etobicoke 7.00
    14. Great Lakes Brewing Miami Weiss Whie Pale Ale etobicoke 6.75
    15. Guinness  ireland   8.00
    16. Waupoos Premium Cider prince edward county  7.50
    17. Waupoos Blackberry Peach Cider prince edward county 7.50

All Ontario Independent Craft Beer or Cider but for Guinness

The beer list is an ever-changing, ever-evolving one. When we first opened, we began with a few Ontario craft beers with an idea that we would be able to buy a couple of kegs and once sold, move on to the next brewer. With the growth of the Ontario industry, it soon became apparent that we were not doing enough to support those ‘little guys,’ which of course, we are too! So we kept on expanding the selection and made it about good beer. The great thing was, people began to trust our selections…and while some of the offerings were not to everyone’s tastes, they were given a go! In 2013, we took the bold step to have our entire bottles and cans list an all Canadian one, including those beers brewed down the street at Labatt.  And now, we have gone even further…

In May of 2014, we decided that the service that we were receiving from The Beer Store was not up to the standards that were set by our other suppliers and it was stressing us out!  You may have seen the articles in the media, joined in on the conversation at the restaurant, or on Twitter/Facebook etc…the conversation began with service, and expanded to thoughts about their monopoly and where the profits were headed.  In July, we decided that we had had enough and that as much support as we had given the craft industry in our first five years of business, it seemed like not only could we do more, but that the patrons of The Morrissey were ready for something different.  Our taps are now filled with 16 Ontario craft beers- all independently owned, 1 Ontario independently owned craft cider, plus Guinness (who supplies our beer gas- which we use for all of our taps!).  We will continue to do what we can to make sure the 18 taps are filled with accessible, interesting, and flavourful beers (and also make sure the cans list remains varied as well and will have a couple of macros for the regulars that haven’t been able to make the change!).  We are thrilled that you have embraced this change and are willing to support Ontario craft!

We do love suggestions, so talk to us- or email at The caveat being that we do want to try to stay craft and local! So now, 16 Ontario beers and one Ontario cider make up our draught list- plus the one outlier, Guinness.  We have a great industry in Ontario right now and we hope you appreciate what is happening in the province.  We still have some very approachable beers and will make sure that alongside these, we have some for the more adventurous.  Thank you once again for allowing us to make this change!

BOTTLES/CANS (As at July 5 2022)  473ml unless otherwise noted

All cans $1.50 off with any take out food purchase any time


  1. Toboggan Insurance Man  london    6.75
  2. Muskoka Cream Ale  bracebridge  6.75
  3. London Brewing Golden Ale london 7.00
  4. Forked River Mexi-Mutt Cream Ale london 7.50


  1. KLB Raspberry Wheat  toronto 6.50  
  2. Kingsville Hefeweizen  kingsville  6.75


  1. Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale  vankleek hill  6.75
  2. Anderson Gold london 6.00 (355)
  3. 4Est Helles Lager  london 7.00
  4. Labatt Blue london 6.25 (341 bottle) 


  1. Broadhead Blueberry Blonde Ale orleans 6.75
  2. Ace Hill Carb Free Light toronto 6.00  (355)
  3. Great Lakes Light etobicoke 6.00
  4. Anderson Gold london 6.00  (355)
  5. Amsterdam Three Speed Light toronto 6.00 
  6. Waterloo Pineapple Radler  waterloo  6.75
  7. Waterloo Grapefruit Radler  waterloo 6.25
  8. Clifford Fruition Frution Blood Orange and Pink Guava hamilton  7.50
  9. Muskoka Ebb and Flow Five Alive Sour bracebridge  7.00
  10. Frank Lemonade Sour tecumseh 6.00
  11. Triple Bogey Half and Half (lemonade/iced tea)  6.50


  1. Amsterdam Big Wheel Premium  toronto 6.75
  2. Anderson Amber london  6.00 (355)
  3. Frank Old Comrade 6.75


  1. Clifford Porter hamilton  6.75


  1. Steam Whistle    toronto  6.50


  1. Anderson Juicy NE IPA  london  6.25 (355)
  2. Bench Balls Falls (session)   niagara  6.50
  3. Muskoka Detour (session) bracebridge  6.75
  4. Cameron’s Cruising through the Galaxy NE IPA  oakville 6.00
  5. Keith’s  london  6.75 
  6. Clifford Pinball Wizard APA hamilton  6.75
  7. Sawdust City Juicin’ NEIPA gravenhurst 7.75


  1. Glutenberg Blonde Ale (Que) (2018 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal winner)  6.50


  1. Black Fly Cranberry  london  6.50
  2. Black Fly Sour Grape  london  6.75 
  3. Black Fly Sour Raspberry london  6.75
  4. Bangarang Hard Seltzer Mango london 6.75
  5. Bangarang Hard Seltzer Blue Raspberry london 6.75
  6. Ironwood Hard Cider  niagara  6.75
  7. Forbidden Artisanal Cider coffin ridge  6.75
  8. Forbidden Pink Cider coffin ridge 7.00
  9. Pommies Dry Cider  caledon  6.75
  10. D’ont Poke the Bear Berry Cider niagara  6.75
  11. Ernest Impeachmint Cider newmarket  7.00


  1. Partake Pale Ale (Ontario craft still!)   toronto  5.75 (355)


4 thoughts on “Beer List

  1. Any chance you will have mill street vanilla porter on tap anytime soon. My husband and I would love to try it and understand you’ve had it on tap in the past. Thanks!

    • I kind of leave it up to the Mill St guys themselves. The past two years, we have had the Vanilla on as I thought it was a good alternative and a winter warmer! This year though, Organic sales have stayed really steady, so they decided to just leave it as is- the added bonus for beer drinkers being that they were bringing the Vanilla in in cans. I do not think we will have the Vanilla in but for the cans this winter, but we will also make sure that we have different stouts and porters on until the snow is gone! At the moment, Nutcracker Porter from Black Oak, Hockley Dark Ale and Wellington’s Chocolate Milk Stout are on. Not sure what is up next as the Black Oak will be replaced when we finish the two kegs we have in stock right now. Welly has about a half a leg left and we’ll be pouring Blanche de Chambly next, Hockley will be on for the rest of January.

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