Draught Beer and Bottles/Cans

Sunday 10am-10pm (alcohol service begings at 11am), Monday 11:30am-10pm Tuesday through Thursday, 11:30am-11pm, Friday and Saturday, 11am until 12am.

All draught is Ontario owned and operated (but for Guinness).

ON TAP (as at July 22, 2018)- we serve 12oz, 20oz, and 60oz pitchers

    1. Cowbell Absent Shindig (light pilsner)  blyth
    2. Cowbell Boxing Bruin IPA blyth
    3. Great Lakes Blonde Lager toronto
    4. Triple Bogey Premium Lager   toronto
    5. Walkerville Honest Lager  windsor
    6. Beau’s Lug*Tread Lagered Ale  vankleek hill
    7. Amsterdam Big Wheel Deluxe Amber  toronto
    8. Forked River Black Cherry Flashback  london (next up, rhubarb flashback- should be on by July 23!)
    9. Forked River RyePA  london
    10. London Brewing Southwest Wheat  london
    11. Anderson Summer Pilsner london
    12. Waupoos Dry Apple Cider  picton
    13. Clifford Pinball Wizard APA  hamilton
    14. Duggan #9 IPA  toronto
    15. Guinness  ireland
    16. Anderson Cream Ale  london (2018 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal)
    17. GLB Octopus Wants to Fight IPA  etobicoke
    18. Railway City Orange CreamsicAle  st thomas


*Ontario Independent Craft Beer or Cider

The beer list is an ever-changing, ever-evolving one. When we first opened, we began with a few Ontario craft beers with an idea that we would be able to buy a couple of kegs and once sold, move on to the next brewer. With the growth of the Ontario industry, it soon became apparent that we were not doing enough to support those ‘little guys,’ which of course, we are too! So we kept on expanding the selection and made it about good beer. The great thing was, people began to trust our selections…and while some of the offerings were not to everyone’s tastes, they were given a go! In 2013, we took the bold step to have our entire bottles and cans list an all Canadian one, including those beers brewed down the street at Labatt.  And now, we have gone even further…

In May of 2014, we decided that the service that we were receiving from The Beer Store was not up to the standards that were set by our other suppliers and it was stressing us out!  You may have seen the articles in the media, joined in on the conversation at the restaurant, or on Twitter/Facebook etc…the conversation began with service, and expanded to thoughts about their monopoly and where the profits were headed.  In July, we decided that we had had enough and that as much support as we had given the craft industry in our first five years of business, it seemed like not only could we do more, but that the patrons of The Morrissey were ready for something different.  Our taps are now filled with 16 Ontario craft beers- all independently owned, 1 Ontario independently owned craft cider, plus Guinness (who supplies our beer gas- which we use for all of our taps!).  We will continue to do what we can to make sure the 18 taps are filled with accessible, interesting, and flavourful beers (and also make sure the bottle list remains varied as well and will have a couple of macros for the regular that haven’t been able to make the change!).  We are thrilled that you have embraced this change and are willing to support Ontario craft!

We do love suggestions, so talk to us- or email at mark@themorrisseyhouse.com The caveat being that we do want to try to stay craft and local! So now, 16 Ontario beers and one Ontario cider make up our draught list- plus the one outlier, Guinness.  We have a great industry in Ontario right now and we hope you appreciate what is happening in the province.  We still have some very approachable beers and will make sure that alongside these, we have some for the more adventurous.  Thank you once again for allowing us to make this change!

BOTTLES/CANS (As at  July 22, 2018)

*Ontario Craft Beer, unlinked brands are in the process of being discontinued. Please ask if we have these available to you as they will sell out soon.


  1. London Brewing Norfolk Red
  2. Bobcaygeon Dockside
  3. Shawn and Ed Barrelshed #1  (only 6 left)


  1. Toboggan Insurance Man*
  2. Cameron’s Cosmic Cream *
  3. Sleeping Giant Northern Logger Kolsch
  4. Cowbell Absent Landlord Kolsch
  5. Bell City Lenoir Belgian** (only 22 left)


  1. KLB Raspberry Wheat*
  2. Side Launch Wheat*
  3. Muskoka Summerweisse Tropical
  4. Sawdust City Tepache Berliner Weisse
  5. Sawdust City Passion Fruit Guava Berliner Weisse


  1. Amsterdam Pale Rider Dry Hopped* (only 13 left)
  2. Cowbell Absent Landlord Kolsch*
  3. Junction Trainspotter* (only 10 left)
  4. Mill St Organic
  5. Post Game Locker Room Light
  6. Sawdust City There’s No Way of Knowing Saison (only 18 left)

Lights and Radlers

  1. Flying Monkeys Antigravity*
  2. Post Game Locker Room
  3. Ace Hill Light
  4. Sawdust City Pink Grapefruit Radler (out of stock until August)

Darks(and darkish!)

  1. Clifford Porter*
  2. Black Oak Nut Brown


  1. Collingwood Rockwell*
  2. Steam Whistle*


  1. Collective Arts Ransack The Universe*
  2. Amsterdam Space Invader
  3. Muskoka Cool as a Cuke
  4. Sawdust City Lone Pine * (only 24 left)
  5. Anderson *
  6. Bench Balls Falls (session)*
  7. Spearhead Hawaiian Style (only 6 left)

Pale Ales and American Pale Ales

  1. Great Lakes Canuck*
  2. Storm Stayed Sunburst New England
  3. Sawdust City Golden Beach (session)*  (only 18 left)
  4. GLB Johnny Simcoe Pale* (only 8 left)

Gluten Free

  1. Glutenberg Blonde Ale (Que) (2018 Canadian Brewing Awards Gold Medal winner)
  2. GLB Johnny Simcoe Pale Ale* (this is gluten reduced- almost GF, all depends on your sensitivity)


  1. Black Fly Cranberry*
  2. Black Fly Sour Grape*
  3. Black Fly Sour Raspberry*
  4. Ironwood Hard Cider*
  5. Forbidden Artisinal Cider*
  6. Collective Arts Honey Lavender Cider
  7. Pommies Cider


  1. Partake Pale Ale (Ontario craft still!)







4 thoughts on “Draught Beer and Bottles/Cans

  1. Any chance you will have mill street vanilla porter on tap anytime soon. My husband and I would love to try it and understand you’ve had it on tap in the past. Thanks!

    • I kind of leave it up to the Mill St guys themselves. The past two years, we have had the Vanilla on as I thought it was a good alternative and a winter warmer! This year though, Organic sales have stayed really steady, so they decided to just leave it as is- the added bonus for beer drinkers being that they were bringing the Vanilla in in cans. I do not think we will have the Vanilla in but for the cans this winter, but we will also make sure that we have different stouts and porters on until the snow is gone! At the moment, Nutcracker Porter from Black Oak, Hockley Dark Ale and Wellington’s Chocolate Milk Stout are on. Not sure what is up next as the Black Oak will be replaced when we finish the two kegs we have in stock right now. Welly has about a half a leg left and we’ll be pouring Blanche de Chambly next, Hockley will be on for the rest of January.

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