An ongoing page as you ask more questions, and we have more answers!


  • We do not take patio reservations.
  • You can ask the host to help you get a seat on the patio- often it is on a first come first serve basis.  We do try though!
  • One, it is small, a capacity of only 60 people.  The idea for us of course is to have as many people out there as possible!
  • We only have 54 chairs as the staff counts towards capacity.
  • We do not allow standing on our patio- this way, it makes it easy for us to make sure we are within our capacity and the AGCO and London Police/Fire people stay happy with us!
  • We ask that you allow us to move tables for you- we know the routes we need to take to serve everyone, and we also know for example that 5 people can sit around one table- and you do not need three (the equivalent of man-spreading! ha).
  • Think about your fellow MoHo people.  Are you two people? Please take on of our deuces.  One person at a table for four?  Please help us out and grab that table for two. Let’s try to take care of the community.
  • If you have 9 people, we will try to find room for you.  If you are 10+, the patio is too limited and we ask that we try to find you seating inside the restaurant.  Again, we want to take care of as many people as we can.  There are large patios in the city…we just do not have the space for large groups.
  • There is a water station set up for you to help yourself.
  • If you have made a reservation and happen to find a seat outside, please let your server know, or the host, so that we can release the table inside to other patrons.
  • We are usually running in and out, you should not have to wait too long for a server to help you out.


  • We do recommend that you make reservations to avoid disappointment.  Even on a Wednesday, even on a Monday lunch.  Always better for us to know you are coming, always better for you to know you have a seat waiting, and who knows, you might end up with a table in the window, or if you prefer, one of our nice ‘booth’ bench seats.  You can call at 519-204-9220.
  • The earlier the better- especially for large groups!
  • Sometimes we cannot get to the phone.  Ours is old style- actually attached to a cord and it does not have call display (so we are not ignoring you on purpose!)- so please leave a message.  We check message only a couple of times a day, so do not panic if we do not get right back to you.  You can also email us at themorrisseyhouse@gmail.com for reservations.
  • Please remember that we are a busy restaurant (and most of the next points will be salient to the industry in general and you being great restaurant customers in general!).  Once a reservation is made, we plan our evening around you.  If you are going to be late or your plans have changed, no problem- but please call and let us know!  We can then work some magic, get your table sat, plan on getting you another table, or just, in fact, keep your table waiting. We will always have walk-ins ready to grab that table as it comes open, so better that we know you are late or not coming at all.  We understand! Kids get sick, babysitters do not show up, plans change, weather strikes…we don’t need to know everything, but we do need to plan so it would be very decent of you to ring us. #respecttherestaurant   https://www.thestar.com/life/food_wine/2016/12/04/no-show-biz-restaurants-rattled-by-no-shows-and-cancellations.html?campaign_id=A100
  • If you have made a reservation for say 7pm…having one person at 7 and the other 6 at 8pm is kind of uncool.  Again, we can plan around you, it is what we do- better for us to know what is happening.  There are some restaurants that do not seat a reservation until the whole party arrives…not really our style, but we do have a good turnover rate so we can make sure we fill that table and have something at 8pm…again, we just have to know.
  • We structure our night around our reservations.  We try to even the restaurant out so that the kitchen does not get overwhelmed. The more reservations the better, which is why we encourage you to make them! If we have no reservations (henceforth to be written and known as we do as resos), but a Knights game is on and we sit the entire restaurant between 5 and 6, people will miss the 1st period!  If we can have 5 tables sit every half an hour, the night goes smoothly for all- and you get to see the game!
  • We usually keep a reso that is late for 15 minutes- then we will give it to the people waiting.  So again, we appreciate the call to let us know you will be late.
  • If you make a reso for 12 and know you are only going to have 8…yes, you guessed it, please call!  That way we can seat you somewhere different, or use that extra table without needing to wait for you.
  • The same kind of situation…if you say 12, and after a period of time you still have only 8, we will probably end up sneaking that table away from you and seating one of our wait list tables.
  • We will always reconfirm a call or email.  If you do not hear from us, please try us again.
  • On our busiest reso nights- Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc- we will not call to reconfirm reservations.
  • We do not take reservations for St Patrick’s Day.
  • We do not take reservations for Monday quiz.  In fact, we do not take reservations on Monday nights or seat diners after 6pm (until the quiz is finished at 9:40pm).  In the summer, we should have patio seating available, but again, no reservations.
  • We do not seat groups with more than 8 people on Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 1:30pm.
  • Calling at 6pm and asking if you can make a reservation for 6:30 is not really asking for a reservation, more like asking if we are busy.
  • We are 19+ only after 9pm with no exceptions.

Group Reservations:

  • Groups are more than welcome.  The timing of your group event may be dictated by our kitchen though!
  • If you are booking a group of more than 12 people, you will need to email us at themorrisseyhouse@gmail.com or mark@themorrisseyhouse.com
  • We can discuss a pre-order option or a limited menu option.  We do not have set menus but will customize one for your group and budget.
  • We can also accommodate appetizer style functions.  Once again, no set menus, but we do our best to work with you to come up with tasty options that suit your budget.
  • No groups on the patio, but we have a lot of room inside.
  • We do a lot of parties.  If you have an occasion in mind, try to book as early as you can to avoid disappointment (ie, having to find another restaurant).
  • Once again, as above, for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, we do not seat groups with more than 8 people between 11am and 1:30pm
  • We usually will not do groups of 20+ until after 8pm on a Friday or Saturday night, you can ask, and we can see what we can do, but our dinners, while busy every night of the week, necessitate more space on weekend evenings.


  • We are a downtown establishment; we do not have any parking on our grounds.
  • There is a lot of street parking within a block radius of The Morrissey, most if not all are free after 6pm and on weekends- please check the signage.
  • There are also two pay lots, one across the street, and one immediately west of us. Both lots are available to use, both lots are monitored frequently, both lots are privately owned (wink wink, nudge nudge), the lot to the west is less expensive than the Impark lot across the street. The meter in the west lot is located on the west side of the parking lot (closest to the Delta/Waterloo St). The signage is tricky, the payment is tricky, the companies are tricky!
  • We do have a bike rack available for use in the summer months.
  • We do not allow the parking of any motorized vehicle on our premises including but not limited to motorcycles and scooters.


  • Yes, they are gluten-free.  No breading, no deep fryer.  We bake them for hours, then portion them.  When it is time for you to order, they go back in the oven and then on the grill.  As they are not deep fried, they do usually take a good 12-15 minutes to reach temperature.
  • All sauces are made in-house (except for sriracha), and yes, even our Cajun is a house made blend of spices.
  • MoBq and Louisiana will be soon available for you to take a jar home (at time of writing, Feb 7/17)
  • WING DAY!!  half price wings from open to close.  We do have rules of course:
  • No take out when they are half price.
  • No doggie bags, please finish what you order.
  • A beverage purchase is in fact necessary.  It does not have to be alcohol of course!  If you like, we can just add the charge to your bill- you don’t even need to drink a pop for example.
  • Your plate will look a bit different…on half price day, you get the wings, that’s it, just wings, no slaw.
  • We ask that you order one sauce per pound.  It gets busy, you are paying half price, we want to serve as many of you as we can! There are usually 8 wings in one of our pounds, so ordering four sauces seems silly does it not?  A fine idea is to order salt and pepper, or plain, and ask for a sauce on the side.  That one will be included, any other sauces ordered will be charged for.
  • We may in fact run out of wings!  It’s true! We do try to pay attention to our numbers and usually go into a day with 75-100 orders depending on the time of year.  Sometimes though, we might have a very busy day and not prepare enough wings…we do our best, but if you are there late in the day, you might miss out!