Our Food

Chef Andrew Harris has come up with a menu to please those that like food. Portions are ample, the selections are varied, and the spice is as promised- as it should be! Comfortable, recognizable, and yet with our own twist. We make almost everything in house including our salad dressings and all of our dips and sauces. We want to be able to serve the freshest food that we are able to, and to that end, will eventually source as much locally as we are able to.  Great partners help us take care of you- from the local like International Bakery and London Ice Cream Company, to the larger- Morton’s and Summit- to the even smaller like Ocean Food Centre and Kohn’s Meat Markets….we do our best to make sure you have value and consistency.

We also like to change our menus- all of our menus, beer, wine, and food! Seasonal selections are important, and again, that mix of food is important! This is not your average roadhouse/pub menu, in fact, we do not even use either of those words.  The Morrissey House is just a good, good restaurant.

Our culinary team is our backbone- Tenille, Brianna, Luke, Magda, Derick, Nancy, Chloe, Patrick,  plus the guys who do the desserts, Shawn, Adam, Tyson, and Christina- always hardworking, always consistent!

Caterings are offered. In-house only, we will cater from 10- 40, canapés to a full roast beef dinner! We can make it casual- nachos and other finger foods- to more formal.  Chef Andrew has a wonderful imagination and will impress with the artistry and quality of his offerings. Please call (519 204 9220) or email (mark@themorrisseyhouse.com) if you would like more information, or if you would like to discuss your options.

Sunday 10am to 10pm. Monday 11:30am to 10pm, Tuesday through Thursday 11:30am to 11pm, Friday 11:30am to midnight, and Saturday 11am to midnight. 19+ after 9pm always.

So please, click on the pages offered, but even better, come out to the restaurant and enjoy!




Breakfast available Saturday and Sunday, 11am until 3pm on Saturday, 10am until 3pm on Sundays, brunch items are also available

Gluten Free Options

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7 thoughts on “Our Food

  1. My friend took me to Morrissey House for lunch this past weekend. It was my first trip there. The food was devine, the service excellent and the atmosphere is lovely. I will be back.

    • Thank you Vicki…glad you enjoyed it! It was a hectic weekend and I was afraid we did not get to spend enough time with people- especially those on curling deadlines! We appreciate the feedback.

  2. fantastic service, fantastic food,

    we went in on a busy night and they brought a table out from the back for us.

    I have been back a few times since then

  3. We went late at night while visiting in London. The food was AMAZING! Probably the best steak I have ever eaten. The staff was incredible too. I’m sad I won’t be back any time soon. 100% recommend going!

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